Data Conversion

Many people start with an Excel spreadsheet to handle small databases. But they soon realise that Excel doesn’t have the functionality to provide a successful database solution. The answer is to import the data into Access and create a relational structure.

Your data can be safely imported into Access and won’t need to be re-entered. From that data we can create a properly structured relational database with linked tables. A database which is correctly designed will be easy to search and will provide the information you need.

If you have data stored in an old system that you want to import into a new database then just give us a call. Data conversion can range from a simple one for one import, to a complex procedure where flat file data needs to be imported, validated, cleaned, and split up into multiple tables.



  • Excel worksheets
  • Mainframe data
  • Text files (ASCII, .csv, .txt)
  • FoxPro
  • DBase
  • Paradox

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