Database Development

An Access database can help you keep track of customers, quotations, orders, stock or personnel. It can be used as an executive information system, a decision support system or a data analysis tool.

Database Development


We can make data entry easy with user-friendly forms. Default values, drop-down boxes, check boxes and data validation can all help to save time and reduce input errors.


Access databases can present data in many different ways. Printed reports can show detailed or summarised data. Data can also be extracted to Excel spreadsheets, Word documents or even PowerPoint presentations. You can also print out labels and use the data for a mail merge project.



Normally we would take responsibility for the complete development. But if you prefer, we can come in for ½ day or 1 day to advise on the structure of the database at the start of a project. It is vital to get the design right for the overall success of the database. Because of our long experience with databases, we can give design tips and save you a lot of heartache.



All our database developments are for clients who then own the database.



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