Access  Applications

Sales Enquiry System for NATIONAL HOUSE BUILDERHouse
To monitor visitor traffic and follow up sales enquirers. Comprising opening user menus, two screens for data entry, initial contact and follow-up. There is a search form to extract prospective buyers by specified criteria eg. by location or required house type. Links to Word for MailMerge. Several reports showing visitors by site and exception reporting on leads not yet followed up. The system is now used across the company's sites in a multi-user environment.


Contracts Management System for Recruitment Woman on TelephoneConsultants in Aylesbury
This system was designed to replace an EXCEL spreadsheet system, which had grown too large and unwieldy. It enables the recruitment consultants to establish a contract between a client and a contractor, keep a permanent record of the details of the contract and track any changes. Finalised contracts for client and contractor were produced as reports, together with reports to pass on charge and payment details (multi-currency) to the Finance department.


Quotations System for a textile machine Engineer with plansmanufacturer in Stockport
The system brings together data from Customers and Products to produce a Quotation. The user is also able to choose from a range of Packing and delivery details, payment types and extra text to build up the quotation. The system enabled searching for a quotation by number or customer. If an order follows then the quotation details move on to form the basis of the order record.


Booking System for a local Corporate EventsTank

This Access system keeps track of enquirers for searching, mail shots and follow-up. It also has a Bookings Planner which allows the user to view current availability and book customers on event days.


Jobs Catalogue system for a local
Civil Engineering practise
This is a simple store and search system for recording details of jobs done. The main benefit of the system is that it allows engineers to search on any criteria to track down a project. It was converted from an existing dBase system which I wrote.





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