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 Website Design

We can design a complete website to suit your requirement and, if desired maintain it, carrying out amendments and updates as circumstances dictate.


 Static and Dynamic Websites

A static website contains pages, the content of which is changed within the web page itself. If the contents of your web site are to remain mostly the same with little user interaction, then a static website is the best choice.

More often than not, dynamic websites are powered by a database situated on the server providing a place to store data. The information on a page is generated by running a programme on the server which builds the page using dynamic information as requested by the user and then delivers it to him or her.

If a site needs to be constantly changed, implementing it dynamically removes the burden of updating the elements which change frequently.

Any site which collects information is another candidate for  dynamic implementation with the data being sent directly to the backend database.

Some sites host large quantities of information through which the user has to navigate. A dynamic site can allow the user to navigate more easily and query the data in a way that he or she defines.